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About YES on Measure K

Whether you rent or own, the cost of housing in Alameda is too high. Measure K will protect our seniors, working families, and our most vulnerable residents.

Measure K is a common sense initiative that will protect Alameda’s rent control law and will prevent politicians from changing it in the future. By putting the people of Alameda in charge, Measure K protects our rent control system and ensures it will continue to work for tenants and property owners alike. A YES vote on Measure K will:

• Protect Rent Control: Measure K will cap rent increases at 5% annually and require a hearing before any larger rental increases can be implemented.

• Prevents Evictions: Landlords will not be permitted to evict tenants just to raise rents. However, Measure K allows landlords to maintain their right to evict bad tenants who violate the terms of their lease – by dealing drugs or engaging in domestic violence or other criminal activity.

• Provide Relocation Assistance to Displaced Tenants: Measure K provides relocation assistance where tenants, through no fault of their own, must relocate.

Alameda voters spoke loud and clear by passing Measure L1, the 2016 Rent Stabilization Ordinance, and rejecting the extreme, activist-sponsored Measure M1 by overwhelming margins. A YES vote for Measure K safeguards this important law for our community by placing it into the Alameda City Charter for good.

Protect Alameda’s rent control law! Vote YES on Measure K.

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